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Art 365' exhibit result of seven artists, one year and $10,000



A year-long art idea has given seven local artists the time, money and freedom to create ambitious projects for a collective exhibit about the American identity.

The seven finalists for "Art 365" were notified last March and each given a $10,000 "honorarium" and a full year to create projects for an exhibit which debuted last week at the Untitled [ArtSpace], 1 N.E. Third.

More than 130 artists submitted project ideas to the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition for "Art 365," according to spokeswoman Kelsey Karper.

Diane Barber, visual arts director and co-director of the DiverseWorks gallery in Houston, was chosen to be the exhibit's curator. Barber traveled to Oklahoma several times over the last year to conduct studio visits and to check on the artists' progress.

"Each meeting was different," Barber said. "It was really interesting to see how differently each of the artists worked and how the pieces generated creative momentum."

Barber said each of seven artists had "vastly different" project ideas and approaches; some methodical and planned, and others more "mad scientist."

The paid commissions helped support the artist's ideas and, in some cases, allowed them "take some time off" to work on the projects, Barber said.

The "Art 365" exhibit runs until April 26 at Untitled [ArtSpace] before traveling throughout the spring and summer to galleries in:
" Tulsa,
" Iowa and
" Houston.

For more information, call 815-9995 or visit Untitled Gallery's site or OVAC's site.

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