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Artist of the Quarantine: Clark Griffith


Clark Griffith bought his first guitar at the age of 17. His interest in music started earlier, but the guitar, for Clark, was the goal. After a few years of learning the instrument, the idea of building, luthiery, began to emerge. Clark had always had a curiosity for how things work, taking toys apart, putting them back together. He had studied mechanical drafting and architecture and engineering for a short time. Clark, while earning an undergraduate degree in music, built his first guitar. Several years later when he decided to look into amplification and how amplifiers are designed.

"I build guitars, amplifiers, even a few microphones, partly out of curiosity, to have a clear understanding of how things work," Clark Griffith said. "Of course, having the instrument is the goal. I decided to build an amplifier for the same reasons. After coming up with a circuit design, an enclosure had to be designed also. So many of the areas I have dabbled in became quite useful. I also wind guitar pickups and make and paint guitar straps. At some point, music composition will hopefully be my focus."


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