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Artist of the Quarantine: Muse


"As an artist, there is always a need for much reflection. As a professional, the time for that reflection can be scarce. During natural downtimes, we must take advantage of the opportunity to reflect and recuperate our creative faculties. This may take a while as well. The initial freedom from worldly agitation is blissful, and lying around becomes necessary. To bring the brain to a point of stillness where the routines that govern our movements fade away, this is where our organic creation resides. Inspiration is all that is needed at this point. People inspire us, the fleeting world and all of its feeble efforts inspire us to do better," Muse said. "My current paintings represent ideas that have not been able to reach the surface because of the hustle and bustle of professional life. Inherent gestures that move me on a deep level, they inspire the shallow and the worldly. During prolonged solitude they may manifest, cheers to a balancing of both interacting safely and alternating quarantine."


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