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Artist of the Quarantine: Neisha Ford


"Self portraits have always helped me understand myself deeper, and they feed different parts of my soul at different times. In the past, I have used self portraits as a tool to pull myself out of the ever succumbing grips of depression. I was one of many who lost their job due to Covid-19. Along with the other struggles of quarantine, I knew I needed to continue to pursue photography every day," Neisha Ford said. "I found that these self portraits gave me more freedom in expression, experimentation and failure. Having freedom in failure in my photography was the most liberating thing about the quarantine. Working full-time as a photographer before COVID-19, I always tried to make sure my shots were solid in-camera before leaving a shoot, which leaves no room for error. But when you are stuck at home for more than six weeks, you find that you can absolutely reshoot and retry or just change your idea. I moved to OKC five months ago to start a photography business with my fiancé, who is also a professional photographer, and though we see that dream become a bit harder, we have both used this time to grow and push each other harder than ever to be the best we can be."

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