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Artist of the Quarantine: NGHBRS



"I pulled a few old pieces that I did for my show at DNA Galleries last year.I was exploring themes of isolation. In our new climate, I thought these pieces took on new meaning," said Aaron Cahill, a.k.a. NGHBRS.

"My work explores the process of encoding, storage, and retrieval of information. I’m showing how our perception preserves the past. And how it is affected by conditions and time. Utilizing a mixture of photography and various digital applications, patterns in the form of glitches emerge showing the contrast between organic and mechanical memory.

"It blends elements of antiquated science, Swiss graphic design, typography, and geometry. These works begin as exercises in composition. They involve little to no planning. As common elements piece together, space and hierarchy are carefully considered and strategically placed. My hope is that the viewer comes away from my work reflecting on the concepts of progress. Not in the sense of where we are going, but where we have been."

Find NGHBRS' artwork at and on Instagram, @nghbrs.

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