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Artist of the Quarantine: Rebecca Pipkin


"I collect remnants of memories and architecture to capture the viewer in a suspended moment in time and space and investigate the role architecture plays in placemaking, memory, and displacement," Rebecca Pipkin said. "I have learned that absence does not always equal loss but can create a new space for exploration and imagination. I use materials that I have collected throughout my life: fabric given to me by my community, wallpaper and architectural elements from abandoned homes, found objects, old photographs, and organic material. All these materials had lives and histories imbedded within them that drive me creatively. My work comes to life in the metaphorical space between memories and materials. The physical and architectural spaces in which we create our lives are temporary. Our memories are fragmented and fragile. This means that many of us find ourselves displaced within our own narratives. That is why I make my work; it is a way of transcending the absences, the grief, and the loss by channeling it into work that shows us how far we have come, the pieces we have carried with us, and how we are truly able to carry on and rebuild. This is particularly true for me during this difficult time, as COVID-19 has meant that I have been creating work within the boundaries of my home. I am thankful for and inspired by the architecture in which I am currently sheltering and making and hope we can all find emotional shelter through creativity."

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