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Arts camp offers full summer schedule for kids



City Arts Center at Fair Park's "Summer Camp 2007" kicks off Tuesday and will continue on through the middle of August. This year's theme is about art and culture from around the world.

"We're offering everything from puppetry, to film, to pottery, to natural dyes and fiber," said education director Jackie Mania.

Located at 3000 General Pershing, the camp offers sessions for three different age groups. Week one " Tuesday through June 1 " has several one-day camps for all ages, including:

" "Eco-Friendly Art,"
" "Mystery Theatre" and
" "Play in a Day."

The remaining camps last a whole week and are for:
" 5- to 8-year-olds,
" 9-year-olds and up, and
" 11-year-olds and up.

Other camps address:
" how to make and edit movies,
" making 3-D art and sculptures,
" and making musical instruments.

"Every Friday we do have an exhibit and showcase of what the campers have done for the week for their family and friends," Mania said. Prices for the camps range from $35 a day for week one to $140 for most of the remaining week-long camps.

For more information, call 951-0000. -CJ Macklin

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