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As I Lay Dying aims for crowd-pleasing live show



San Diego metal marauders As I Lay Dying have returned to Oklahoma City for another ground assault. Since forming in 2001, the band has collected droves of mostly younger metal fans worldwide.

"They are just so heavy and loud "¦ and fast," said Jonathan Meyers, a 14-year-old metro skateboarder. "It's too heavy for a lot of people, but everybody I know loves them. They play a ton of shows, and even though the music is loud and kind of dark, the guys in the band aren't. They are always super-nice."

As I Lay Dying's lead guitar player, Nick Hipa, is one of those "super-nice" guys in the band. Its latest album, "An Ocean Between Us," was released in August, and Hipa and his bandmates have been restless to perform the new material ever since.

As I Lay Dying will join August Burns Red, Evergreen Terrace and Still Remains for a show tonight at the Diamond Ballroom.

"We are always more stoked on playing new stuff," Hipa said. "And the crowd always seems to respond well when we are really excited about a certain song. The energy just feeds itself."

But although Hipa and the boys are excited to play new material, old songs and fan favorites are likely to be a relief to play, he said.

"We know those songs in and out," he said. "It will be nice to relax and not have to think about what you're doing, and just play." "Joe Wertz

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