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The U ASK Initiative, set into motion by Temur Akhmedov, business development director at Engineered Systems & Energy Solutions, Inc., requires participants to attend one official meeting in their respective town, ask a pre-selected question and email the response to initiative organizers.

The meeting in question could be the city council, school board, PTA or a similar group.

“If people are asking questions, then [public officials] will start looking for answers,” Akhmedov said.

“The concept is just so simple.”

The mission is to make public officials aware that citizens are concerned about energy-related issues.

Akhmedov has long been associated with nonprofit environmental organization, such as the Oklahoma chapter of U.S. Green Building Council and Sustainable OKC.

In addition, Akhmedov said he wants to discover what needs there are so environmental nonprofits can tailor their educational programs to be more effective.

“This is designed for a regular person who has very little time,” he said. “They maybe participate just once a year; attend one event, ask one question and that’s it. I am hoping to make this big. The model itself can expand and grow far and beyond even what I envision at this point.”

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