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Aspiring female boxing teen uses punch to win science contest



Here's something every parent probably wishes to hear his or her child say one day: "I chose boxing as my science fair project because it's my favorite sport. I wanted to teach other people about boxing." 


Yet, it's something 13-year-old Stephanie Tatum said. And did.


Tatum uttered those words to the Claremore Daily Progress in a story headlined "Teen takes scientific approach to stance and punching."


So, she has become fond of a sport that has produced such role models for children as Don King and Mike Tyson. CFN's intern, Bucky, is showing solidarity with a new hairstyle " it appears as if it has been shot through with static electricity " and tattoos on his face in honor of the Maori warriors.


According to the story, Tatum boxes in a youth program in Chelsea. Her science project " which won first place, by the way " intended to demonstrate how punches are affected by a boxer's stance. She concluded they will not be very effective if one uses the wrong stance. Marvis Frazier could have used that advice when he took on Tyson. Frazier lasted about 20 seconds before seeing tangerine trees and marmalade skies.


Tatum told the newspaper her aspirations of making it big in boxing.


"I want to get a boxing scholarship and go to college and become a pro boxer," she said. -Gazette staff

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