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Audience of One



klong shoot in Italy, when the production is beset with problems.

Those troubles are nothing with the ones awaiting back home. Without giving details away, Gazowsky becomes a figure of tragedy, and also contempt, as he cowardly shirks legal responsibility by hiding behind his beliefs. It's a gut-churning moment, yet there are more. Crewmembers never admit faults of their own doing; rather, Satan is to blame.

Like "American Movie," "Audience of One" is a fascinating, fly-on-the-wall look at DIY moviemaking, but also the limits of faith, without being anti-religion. Director Mike Jacobs keeps his eye at an objective distance, and the access he was allowed is startling.

Although only 90 minutes, the film could be twice that, and I'd still be glued to it and its blindly arrogant, possibly delusional subject. Hallelujah!

"?Rod Lott


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