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Author empowers women to take control of their finances



An Oklahoma woman has written a best-selling book to empower women struggling financially.

Oraynab Jwayyed, author of Starting Over: A Practical Guide for Women After a Money Crisis, was inspired to write the book while pursuing her MBA at the University of Central Oklahoma because so many women approached her seeking financial guidance.

Jwayyed is a consultant and founder of Business Interludes LLC, where she teaches women to manage their finances.

Starting Over is for women who have been through a divorce, are expecting a divorce, lost a job or need to return to the workforce after years of absence — women in situations that might make them feel financially insecure.

“The book is catered to women with a life crisis and focused on divorced women,” she said. “It speaks a lot to my own experience. Even though I was pursuing my degrees, I was not in control of my finances. I started taking care of my kids, and my ex-husband insisted on having total control of the finances, so I just gave them up to him.”

While in school, Jwayyed found that many women were deterred from managing their own finances because of the large amount of jargon that can be involved in the process.

“The plain-English rules were seriously enforced after the crisis hit, and [before that,] there was a lot of finance talk many people didn’t understand,” she said. “Many women relied on their husbands.”

During her divorce, Jwayyed gained knowledge that she said can only be acquired through experience.

“[I learned] that I have to put myself first; I think that is the greatest lesson we have,” she said. “I can’t take care of others unless I take care of myself.”

Starting Over is Jwayyed’s second book, and it includes an eight-step guide on how to get finances together.

“With respect to myself, [many women] grew up with ambitions and goals,” she said. “You get sidetracked and you make your kids and your marriage your first priority. The next thing you know, everything is a priority except yourself.”

Jwayyed published Starting Over through Amazon, and it has made the best-seller list in three categories, including women and business, finance and money management.

In January, Jwayyed begins teaching about being financially organized, saving and investing options and 401(k)s at Francis Tuttle Technology Center.

“Anyone, with a little determination, can get their financial matters in order,” Jwayyed said.

Starting Over is available on Amazon for $2.99.

She also is working on future books. She would like to compile a collection of essays from women who overcame financial crises and want to share their experience with others.

Jwayyed is seeking 300- to 500-word essay submissions describing what the women learned and how they overcame their financial struggles.

Women who are interested should email a brief outline to

To learn more about Jwayyed, visit

Editor’s note: Jwayyed is an Oklahoma Gazette freelance reporter.

Print headline: Dollars, sense, A local author helps empower women to take back control of their finances with her best-selling book, Starting Over.

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