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Avenging the kitty



Credit: Brad Gregg

And then there is that volatile hybrid of “cat and gun people.”

Witness the case of Fred Meyer, who recently was arrested for threatening to shoot an Oklahoma City veterinarian at an animal hospital after his cat died while in their care. Apparently, the cat escaped, ran willy-nilly around the clinic, and promptly died of unknown causes after it was captured.

When Meyer’s wife called him with the news, the 68-year-old man, a gun owner, allegedly became enraged and bullied the vet over the phone, saying, “I’m gonna take an AK-47 up there and shoot them.”

Meyer then drove to the clinic and, according to his wife, said he was going to “blow away the doors.”

His wife told police she convinced him to go back home, where Meyer was arrested for threatening violence.

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