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Your pointed biographical description of Paul Blair as a former football player at the end of his Commentary ("Counterpoint: Precedents justify SQ 755," Nov. 17, Gazette) sums up his educational depth with simplicity: no educational background or career experience to back up what he claims to be an expert in.

Blair is an advocate for entangling religious dogma in the civil law books as written about in previous editions of the Gazette. There is no doubt that were his Christian ideals in the public eye " as the Muslim beliefs currently are, thanks to State Question 755 " he would be saying much the same as Muneer Awad, who has filed a lawsuit to stop 755's enforcement.

Blair would be very surprised to learn that there is no provision in the federal or Oklahoma Constitutions stating that oaths of office must conclude with "so help me God." This entanglement of religion with civic duty is ignored by many people who should know better and who should work to stop it.

"James Nimmo

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