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Bad driver



reports Buelna was pulled over for making an illegal lane change by
Oklahoma City sheriff’s deputy when, lo and behold, Thor, the sheriff’s
deputy’s dog, alerted that there might be something amiss.

the car was searched, it was revealed that it concealed six pounds of
heroin and over $9,000 in cash hidden in double-super-secret panels.
Six. Pounds. That’s a heck of a lot of heroin with a street value
estimated at $720,000.

only Buelna had used his signal. This seems obvious. We mean totally
obvious; when you are moving a huge quantity of an illegal substance,
it’s always a good idea to obey traffic laws. What an embarrassing talk
to have to have with your boss — you lost his $720,000 in drugs, and you did it being a bad driver. Our guess is he will be demoted to office errand boy in the future.

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