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Bad move, ‘Bad move’



Check my logic here: If a person opposes preventing X from happening, that person is not opposed to X happening. Because Rev. Kern opposes the ordinance banning discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, it seems as though he is not opposed to people being discriminated against on this basis. Why is codifying nondiscrimination a negative action?

Does a gay man deserve not to work? Instead, Reverend, should we, the taxpayers, support him through the welfare state because he can’t get a job because of this sexuality? Does a lesbian, because of her sexuality, deserve to freeze when the temperature reaches 18 degrees Fahrenheit because she can’t pay her mortgage, all because discrimination would be acceptable?

Reverend, “Let the man who is without sin cast the first stone.” As you will not get the opportunity to hurl your stone any time soon, instead of spewing scripture, act like you love your fellow man by putting yourself in the shoes of the person that has not deprived you of life, liberty or property in any way. No one is asking you to “embrace” the LGBT lifestyle “against your conscience.”

If your conscience tells you that homosexuality is wrong, then the solution is simple: You, yourself, should not lay with a man.

—Kevin Burns
Midwest City

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