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Ballerina Dreams - Lauren Thompson



Feiwel and Friends

Ranging in age from 3 to 7, Nicole, Shekinah, Veronica, Monica and Abbey look like ordinary little girls. With their desire to perform ballet, they seem like ordinary little girls. But they are not; each suffers from a disability that forces things like walkers, wheelchairs and leg braces to be part of their daily lives.

However, they don't let that dissuade them, making them extraordinary little girls.

This true story "? lovingly captured in words by Lauren Thompson and in photographs by James Estrin "? documents this remarkable group of children and their equally remarkable teacher, whose helpers stand behind the girls, holding them, as they perform "The Nutcracker" to an emotionally moved audience.

The reader should be moved as well by this documentary on the page. If not, have your heart checked. It could go a long way to teach tolerance to today's youth, and remind adults that no dream is out of reach. 

"?Rod Lott

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