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Regarding the "'Getting off ' from the soapbox" letter from Robin Leake in the Jan. 20 Gazette:
I don't know how to put this any simpler. Your original letter ("MAPS 3 needs a spanking," Dec. 30, 2009, Gazette) said you were against MAPS 3, but you did not vote against it or vote at all. I merely pointed out the obvious, and I supported that with examples.

In your second letter, you hopped right back on your soapbox again and in a manner I suspect you think is clever, you stated there was not a space to vote for "other."

So let me say this again: If you did not like MAPS 3 in its current form, then you should vote against it. You let your officials know you don't agree with the idea and then something amazing happens: Mayor Mick goes back to the drawing board and cuts away some of the fat to get a proposal that will be more acceptable.

You then go on and present the readers with your résumé about all the good things you have done. I say "bravo" to that. They are all good things you have done for your community, but that still does not change the fact that you did not vote your mind on the MAPS 3 issue.

I like how you compare my comments to a boxer throwing punches and then not landing any of them. I would argue that I did. I apparently hit a nerve that got you to respond and list your good deeds and even to the extent you admit to how you help, as you say, "crackheads." By the way, when you're helping a group of unfortunate individuals, don't call them names like "crackhead." That's like working with a group of mentally disabled and calling them "retards."
Not a good thing.

Kudos for all the good things you do. I wish there were more volunteers. I myself have volunteered, but I do it to help people, not to make myself feel better and then use it as a bragging point to make myself look more credible.

I could say more, but I might come across the wrong way so I will spare the readers. I'm sure you'll give us more to read in the near future.

Hope to see you at the ballot box someday!

"R. Thompson
Oklahoma City

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