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Baptist pastor in Enid censured for blogging about board



Enid pastor Wade Burleson has been censured by the trustees of the Southern Baptist Convention's International Mission Board.

Burleson has been at odds with the trustees since November of 2005 when the IMB enacted policy changes to prevent missionary candidates who had spoken in tongues privately from becoming Southern Baptist missionaries.

Burleson objected to the policy changes on his blog, characterizing some of the trustees as "crusading conservatives" and not "cooperating conservatives."

The latest decision by the trustees was " according to John Floyd, the chairman of the IMB board of trustees " based on Burleson continuing to criticize board-approved actions publicly. In an e-mail sent to members of the IMB, Floyd wrote: "It has never been the desire to have Wade leave the IMB. It is our strong desire that he will work within the structure instead of outside it."

Burleson admitted that he has been critical of some board-approved decisions, but maintains that he is fulfilling his responsibilities as a member of the board. "I will quit if the SBC says they don't want an IMB trustee publicly dissenting," Burleson said. "Then I'll have to decide if I'm still Southern Baptist."

Burleson said the trustees defined the censure as prohibiting him from participating in the next four IMB meetings, a move that keeps him from participating in meetings until after the SBC's annual convention in June 2008. "Greg Horton

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