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“Watching the Super Bowl in the middle of the night with a bunch of Swedes, having to explain the rules and positions during the most important game of the year was pretty hilarious,” said Chad “Rad” Raunborg.

He and partner Matt Buckley never expected to do anything remotely like that when the act began. The Kids caught a following on the heels of standout remixes of the likes of Daft Punk and Deadmau5, all while producing their own tracks and taking a residency gig at Kamp’s Deli & XIII X Lounge’s Robotic Wednesdays.

Then The Sounds came calling last year.

“Most of the shows we do are club gigs or festivals, so playing a tour like this as our first experience is pretty crazy. When a band like The Sounds asks you to come on tour with them, it’s hard to say ‘no,’” Buckley said. “As DJs, it’s very uncommon to hit the road with a band like we have, but coming from a rock background, we were very excited.”

proven fun, but also valuable. “We’ve learned so much. They’ve been
doing this for over 12 years with all of the original members, so they
are constantly sharing wisdom with us about life on the road and their
experiences in the music industry,” Raunborg said. “We’ve played so many
shows with them and every time, they nail it.”

Kids have had a blast playing in cities like London and Paris, but look
forward to returning home to warmer weather and working on more
original songs (and a few remixes) to take advantage of dance music’s
more local traction.

are starting to just get a better understanding of what we are doing as
producers, and we are starting to get asked less and less to DJ
weddings and proms,” Buckley said.

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