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Barber brawl



That’s just how it goes.

Not, apparently, for Juvonnie Varner.

According to KWTV, Mr. Varner visited EJ’s Barber Cuts in OKC a couple weeks back and asked how much it’d be to get a little off the top. He apparently liked what he heard, because he got the cut then also asked for a shave.

Everything’s going swell, right? Well, sometime between the opening exchange and getting the bill, Juvonnie apparently decided $20 for a cut and shave was just too much. (Oh, Ju. If you think $20 is too steep, we cringe to think what you’d do about the cost of ShopGirl’s haircuts.)

According to KWTV, Juvonnie got into it with the barber, and the owner stepped in to tell Ju to pay the bill and hit the door. That didn’t go over so well, and Juvonnie and the owner got into a fight, resulting in the disgruntled Juvonnie hitting his head on a chair and the ground and then kicking in the front door on his way out.

The cops showed up, and Juvonnie was cited for destruction of property. We’re also guessing the barber didn’t get a tip.

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