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Barnes & Noble hosts kid-friendly band concert



Families can enjoy the unique and eclectic sound of children's music outfit Gustafer Yellowgold at a Friday concert at Barnes & Noble, 6100 N. May.

The kid-friendly band has a series of DVDs featuring a strange little creature named Gustafer Yellowgold who lives on the sun, said Brian Pearl, a group spokesman. Gustafer Yellowgold has quirky companions, like an eel named Slimothy and Asparagus, a pet dragon. In his spare time, Gustafer likes to punch cheese and jump on cake, Pearl said.

The act is set to play some of its best-known songs, such as "I'm from the Sun" and "Pterodactyl Tuxedo."

"(Gustafer Yellowgold) is Dr. Seuss meets 'Yellow Submarine,'" said Kevin Kelly, a Barnes & Noble sales associate. "They're like The Flaming Lips and 'Sgt. Pepper's.' It's hard to put them in a category."

Gustafer Yellowgold released an exclusive DVD for the bookstore chain called "Wide Wide World," which is sold at the stores, Kelly said.

"It's fun, unique and something you haven't seen before," he said.

The live show is a mix of music and multimedia, and the band will show video clips of the little yellow creature while performing songs, Kelly said.

"It's about a main character going through the world. It's a good time for everyone," he said.

The 7 to 8 p.m. concert is free. For more information, call 843-9300.

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