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Barry Cooper's Never Get Busted Again Vol. 1: Traffic Stops





The best tips and tricks, I have found, are garnered by soliciting insider information from folks who either have quit or been fired from certain industries. And after spending years as a Texas drug cop, Barry Cooper knows the other side of the drug war.


Luckily for us, Cooper "? who claims he quit the force after becoming jaded at the system and its treatment of nonviolent marijuana users "? has packed some info into his first DVD that might help you avoid having to make friends with a cellmate.


The disc deals with major components of traffic stops by drug officers, and Cooper explains how drug dogs find your stash, how cops know if you're lying and how you can put the odds in your favor.


Although much of the advice (if you aren't stoned out of your skull) is common sense "? don't hide drugs on the outside of your car, don't try to trick drug dogs by smearing mustard on your stash "? some of it is illuminating and sound. He even takes you on a ride and tells you which cars and drivers he would have profiled for a drug stop.


"?Joe Wertz


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