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Bartlesville will bill 7,700 utilities customers from previous undercharging



Just in time for the annual holiday credit card statements, another little prize will be showing up in Bartlesville mailboxes. The B'Ville council reportedly announced that utility customers were undercharged from December 2007 through March 2008 and it's now time to correct that error.

The city apparently uses separate systems to tally summer and winter charges, according to an article in the Tulsa World, and someone forgot to switch the system back to winter standards. That little oops cost the city " or, saved the citizens, depending on how you look at it " $99,578.

The council had the option eat the mistake or back-bill the customers "¦ guess which option they chose.

Starting in January, more than 7,700 utilities customers will see an increase in their bills. Most will owe less than $10, according to the World, but 90 people will owe more than $100, 11 will owe more than $250 and four will owe more than $500.

"I imagine it will generate some ill will from customers," said Mike Bailey, the city's finance director. "We have not received a whole lot of calls on this, but I imagine when the charges start showing up, we will."

Ya think?

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