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‘Batchelder logic’



Some facts
intervene with this illogic. We added roughly $607 billion per year to
the debt under the Bush administration … a shabby record no doubt, and
one I deplore. But the first three years of the Obama administration
have added an average of $1.116 trillion annually to the deficit. At
that rate, four years of Obama spending will effectively equal eight of
Bush’s, and a second Obama term would undoubtedly make him the all-time
deficit champ.

To the incessant liberal litany that the “rich” need to pay “their fair share” of taxes, one can only note these IRS figures:

top 1 percent of all earners pay 40 percent of all federal income
taxes. The top 5 percent pay 60 percent. The top 25 percent pay 86
percent of all income taxes, and the bottom 50 percent pay only 3
percent of taxes. It’s fairly obvious that you can only soak the “rich”
so much.

Batchelder logic is always entertaining, but rarely enlightening.

—Mike Brake
Oklahoma City

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