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Batman actor drinks coffee in Bartlesville



Forget the damp cave. When Batman needs to get out of Gotham, he swoops down to Bartlesville.

"The Dark Knight" star Christian Bale was spotted Oct. 17 inside a Starbucks in the northeastern Oklahoma town of about 35,000, a store manger told The Associated Press.

Bale, 34, ordered a grande chai latte and told a coffee shop employee he was in town to take "a break," the manager told the AP.

When an employee named Molly served the British actor "in customary Starbucks fashion," she asked for his name to write on his cup, the manager said.

The actor "spoke really low and said 'Christian,' and told Molly he was in the Oklahoma town for the day and was staying at The Price Tower," the manager said.

Bale later told Molly he was "taking a break" and thought "Bartlesville was OK," the AP reported.

The Bartlesville Chamber of Commerce confirmed Bale checked in at the Inn at The Price Tower, a tree-inspired, 19-story miniature skyscraper designed by famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright, the AP reported.

Before Bale bailed, Chicken-Fried News hopes a helpful Bartian advised the actor to steer his Batmobile toward Murphy's Steak House to refuel with a Hot Hamburger.

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