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Batman and Robin #1 - DC Comics



It's nice to see Batman and Robin working together again, even if it's not the same Batman and Robin we're used to. See that "Reborn" banner on the cover? Yeah, they take that word seriously.

Unless there's some continuity thing I'm unaware of to contradict all that follows, this first issue finds billionaire Bruce Wayne dead, leaving his original sidekick, Dick Grayson, to take up the dark knight's cowl. The new Robin is a smart but smirking kid named Damian, who outfits the Batmobile to fly, which is the first sign that this ongoing series is something different.

Our new dynamic duo quickly dispatches one Mr. Toad, who warns them that they'll have bigger fish to fry, once the villain known as Pyg makes the scene. Pyg's appearance at the close is

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