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Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #1 - Grant Morrison



Just when I think you couldn't tell a fresh Batman story, Grant Morrison remakes him into a Conan-style warrior in "Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #1," the first in a six-issue miniseries.

Although I'm not sure how (especially because he's dead in the current run of "Batman and Robin," also by Morrison), Bruce Wayne and his rocketship crash-land in prehistoric times. He's lost much of his memory and wears only his superhero costume from the waist down. The utility belt still works, and it's full of stuff that make the cave people think he's some sort of sorcerer.

Even thousands of years before Christ, Batman finds his Robin of sorts in one of the tribe's young men, and a bloody battle ensues, which Chris Sprouse clearly relishes drawing. This is the stuff of high adventure and, like ye olde serials, ends in a cliffhanger. "?Rod Lott


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