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Batman: Under the Red Hood



Take a peek under the hood of "Batman: Under the Red Hood," and you'll find a darker, grittier take on the Dark Knight than any animated version on the tube. It's the latest feature-length effort for the DC Universe line of PG-13 movies, so steer the kids over to "The Brave and the Bold" instead.

Adults, however "? at least the ones who haven't quite grown up "? may enjoy this crime tale, which finds Batman (voiced quite nicely by Bruce Greenwood) to be not the only vigilante in Gotham City. The Deadpool-looking Red Hood (voiced by Jensen Ackles of "Supernatural") is the new crimefighter in town, but unlike Batman, he hasn't exactly taken that vow not to kill anyone, and that's a big difference to the authorities.

Other villains figure into things, including The Joker, The Riddler, Ra's al Ghul and Black Mask, who sports an annoying, over-the-top Joisey accent. Another person from Batman's past is key to the plot, but we won't spoil that surprise. (It won't be one to readers of the recent comics' story arc, on which this is loosely based.)

The double-disc set includes a brand-new short featuring bounty hunter Jonah Hex, but unfortunately, we didn't receive that version to review. The single-disc set offers only a few trailers and a 12-minute look at the next DCU feature, which hopefully will be as colorful and callous. "?Rod Lott


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