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Baylor's Mulkey sulky after Big 12 semifinal game against Oklahoma



Oklahoma's tough-as-nails forward Leah Rush apparently is not a touchy, feely kind of girl. Just ask Baylor's Jessica Morrow.

Late in the Big 12 Conference tournament semifinal game with Oklahoma leading by nine, Rush and Morrow battled for a rebound and after Rush gained control of the ball, Morrow got handsy with Rush's gets-checked-with-a-mammography part of her anatomy.

As the woman referee struggled to separate the two players, Morrow elbowed the referee (an automatic technical foul) and Rush started calling for the "T." The sequence put the game out of reach for Baylor as tiny Sooner guard Jenna Plumley drained the free throws.

Rush clearly does not like going to second base in front of 10,000 people. 
Plumley started the game with a pink ribbon headband, a new look for her. Doubt it returns. Out of character for her, Plumley got into first-half foul trouble and started the second half hurling the ball into traffic like a motorcycle tries to weave through highway gridlock. Once she lost the accessory, she was the Plumley of old, hitting nine of 10 free throws (including four on the Morrow technical call).
And because it would not be a Baylor-Oklahoma women's game without the obligatory coach's fashion update: my eyes saw crouching Kim Mulkey's pants slowly rip apart at the seam much like her attitude toward the officials. But her semifinal attire was clearly more appropriate than the silk and sequins she wore during Baylor's opening round game. That was over the top. Sooner coach Sherri Coale looked sedately classy in a neutrally colored pant suit next to the sulky Mulkey.

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