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As always, Jan. 1 gives us a chance to do better: Lose weight. Read more. Get organized. Dig a hole and hide the body. You know the drill.

Before you cobble your own New Year’s resolution on your stone of choice, you might want to get a few ideas from some of your fellow Oklahomans. Oklahoma Gazette asked a number of local celebrities, public figures and assorted characters what their resolutions are for 2012.

My New Year’s resolutions are to eat healthier, exercise more, reduce the state income tax and help find jobs for the Occupy Wall Street protesters! —Gov. Mary Fallin

I resolve to make the best thing in Texas, I-35 North. —Lt. Gov. Todd Lamb

I’m resolved to win a bet with the mayor of Miami on the NBA Finals. —Mayor Mick Cornett

Greenlight a line of Gucci roller skates. —Sonic Corp. CEO and board Chairman Cliff Hudson

To win “The Voice.” —country music star Blake Shelton

An Alabama victory over LSU with a score of 3-0 and a decisive win for OSU over Stanford — and OSU crowned national champs. —oil and gas executive T. Boone Pickens

last time I actually kept a resolution for an entire year was back in
1994 when I resolved not to pay a late fee on a rental movie. A couple
of times I returned movies in my pajamas. I like to think that by the
end of the year I’d changed the world a little bit — if not the whole
world, at least my little corner of it. Or at least the little VHS
rental place in the corner of the strip-shopping center near my house. I
like to think the people there saw what’s possible with true
commitment. Call me a dreamer. —KWTV Channel 9 news anchor Kelly Ogle

My New Year’s resolution is to stop and smell the roses. Not work so much; see my friends more. Have more fun! —actress and singer Kristin Chenoweth

1: Eat more nachos – I always like to have at least one obtainable
No. 2: Stop talking so much.
No. 3: Explain to the Thunder
Girls once and for all that I just want to be friends.
No. 4: Learn how to BASE jump (the Devon tower is calling my name). —Rumble the Bison

New Year’s resolution is to stop texting and driving. Recently my
friend and business manager was a passenger in a car accident caused by
that, and he broke his neck and back as a result. It’s something we all
take for granted and do, but this year I would urge everyone to stop
texting while driving. —fashion designer Johnathan Kayne Gillaspie

it’s gonna be an election year … I resolve to be patient and believe
that common sense will prevail and not hate on the hateful, racist,
anti-gay, anti-art Republicans. Kindness and mercy is the light! —The Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne

the growth of The Spy through education and helping spread culture in
and around OKC and beyond, plus trying find out how many licks it, in
fact, takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop. —Ferris O’Brien, owner/majordomo of online radio station The Spy

want to break 90 on the golf course. I started playing three years ago,
and in that time I’ve learned that the man with the fastest golf cart
never has to play a bad lie. —Mike Turpen, co-host of KFOR-TV Channel 4’s “Flashpoint”

plan on continuing to support creativity, pragmatism and free-thinking
in Oklahoma. I believe we can become an international leader in
education, culture and commerce if we keep following the path laid out
by organizations like Creative Oklahoma, The Flaming Lips and ACM@UCO. —ACM@UCO CEO and The Flaming Lips manager Scott Booker

New Year’s resolution is to make sure I spend more time with my family
and friends. I want to make sure they know how much they mean to me, and
how much I appreciate them.

Also, I’m making it my plan to attend as many Thunder games as I can, to show support. They rock! —adult film star Jesse Jane

resolution is to cut down the pages of apps on my iPhone from 10 to
five, and to come up with the next app that makes millions of dollars. —Hinder guitarist Mark King

To get dangerously thin, like Mayor Cornett. —Patrick of The Lost Ogle blog

Resolution No. 1: To organize my life by making a daily list of things to do.
Resolution No. 2: To actually read the list. —KFOR-TV news anchor Linda Cavanaugh

I will search for inspiring ways to let light into the architecture. —architect Rand Elliott

New Year’s resolution is to stop procrastinating! I do online school
with a tutor because I travel so much, so sometimes I tell myself, “I
can do that essay or assignment later,” and then I end up watching
“Storage Wars” with my dad, or staying a little too late in the studio.
This New Year’s it is going to stop. —pop singer/pianist Greyson Chance

never make a resolution because I used to forget that I’d actually made
one in the first place, so I always broke them. Maybe my New Year’s
resolution should be that I make one and remember it. —Liz Dueweke, KOKH-TV Channel 25 morning news anchor

We have this infusion of chains and have been known as the “fast food capital of the world,” and at the core, we are not,
and we want to take care of Oklahoma. Why do we want chains? We want
Oklahoma to satisfy Oklahoma needs, and in return we are going to
support Oklahoma businesses. We’re done being a testing ground for the
nation’s chain restaurants, and we are going to do what’s right for
Oklahoma. —executive chef and restauranteur Kurt Fleischfresser

la resolution! In 2012, I would like to see the following: I-40
completed, the XL pipeline finished and our arboretum at OCU planted. —Oklahoma City University President Robert Henry

year I will read less and work on a new personality, maybe one who
exercises occasionally so I can look a little less like Danny DeVito in
his underwear. I may also try to convince people that having a closet
full of Pogs is … cool. —pop singer-songwriter Denver Duncan

This year, I resolve to spend more time and less money. On what, I don’t know. —KTOK-AM 1000 morning host Reid Mullins

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