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Be Kind Rewind



Reviewer's grade: D+

 I once saw a certain type of whimsy lover denigrated by the term "Alice quoter," as in someone who quotes from "Alice in Wonderland" so often, they make you want to brain them with the Caterpiller's hookah. Movie watchers of the same type might well be called "Rewinders" in future, because this picture is sticky with sweetness. At least, that's how most people will see it, if they make the mistake of seeing it at all.


Jack Black and Mos Def star as a pair of idiots who decide they have to replenish the stock of an over-the-hill video rental store after Black accidentally erases all the tapes. They can't buy new copies "? and where would they find old VHS tapes of third-rate Hollywood dust bunnies anyway "? so they remake them with casts of three or four people and budgets that wouldn't pay for the coins in a dead man's eyes.


The movie is too silly to hate, but it's not too silly to avoid. PG-13


"?Doug Bentin 


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