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Be our guest, Part 2



Titled “Billionaire Wildcatter, Risk Addict Aubrey McClendon Has Bet It All On Shale,” the story was a sometimes harsh piece on one of Oklahoma City’s first-tier citizens.

The article that came out stated the visit to Oklahoma City did little to change the author’s opinion on the company, that McClendon did not learn from previous “near-death” experiences at the company, and that when some compare Chesapeake to Enron, it sends McClendon into a “highly insulted” rage.

At the time the article was released online, company spokesman Jim Gipson said Chesapeake was “working with Forbes to correct a number of errors in the main online story before they print the magazine.”

Those errors have apparently been corrected, as the Forbes piece was posted a few days later at Chesapeake’s website.

“We got enough of it fixed to post it,” Gipson said.

Forbes writer Christopher Helman said fewer than a half-dozen numerical errors amounted to “nothing substantive” in the lengthy piece, which has been corrected.

“Stay tuned for more coverage of (Chesapeake) soon,” Helman said.

CFN can hardly wait.

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