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Bears surprised their hooks liked by many listeners



As a melodic indie-pop band, Bears is a perfect example of music made without any preconceived notions of attention or recognition. Bears has a refreshing and earnest quality to its music that truly shows that an album can be a work of art.

"We really didn't have high expectations," front man Charlie McArthur said. "I had planned to move to Chicago to get a job and be there when my girlfriend graduated from college, so we didn't plan to do this project for more than a few months."

Within a year's time, the music project that was started for fun turned into a self-titled full-length album and an EP, "Shortest Day of the Year"; a sizable fan base; and a generous amount of independent media attention.

"It's been kind of mind-blowing that so many people have enjoyed the record, or I should say, so many more people than I had ever expected," McArthur said. "It's really inspiring to talk to people who consider our record to be part of any sort of 'best of' list for the year, and that makes the whole thing seem actually real. It's like, 'Wow... people actually like this stuff. It's not just us!'" "Graham Lee Brewer

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