I decided a few weeks ago (on a whim, as is standard) to repaint my bedroom. So what to put on the walls? Would it be Cathedral Stone? Or maybe Drizzling Mist? Turbid Amethyst (I’m so not joking with that name) was an option, until it was quickly struck down by my husband. Turbid Effing Amethyst. I can’t even say it without whispering dramatically, possibly while listening to Enya and petting a unicorn. 

While I’m generally all about brights (hello, lime green kitchen), I wanted my bedroom to be more calming. In the end, we went with Voyage (that’d be Cate Blanchett as Galadriel) and an accent wall of Rugged Suede (Clint Eastwood in “A Fistful of Dollars”).

And for the rest of the room? The possibilities are endless. First up, a visit to KS Design (4209 N. Western; 524- 7868). Besides the gorgeous linens by names like Pine Cone Hill, Daniel Stuart and Yves Delorme, I loved the knit throws and accent pillows. Look for super-soft cable knit blankets by Sanford Designs and fun, quirky accent pillows (like one that featured navy “cave painting” illustrations of gazelles).

There is a really great range of bedside and dresser lamps to appeal to everyone from the minimalist (a silver drafting light) to the girly (a bright pink lamp shaped like a flowering tree). For a bedroom corner, I loved a pair of sleek Scandinavian-style chairs done in blond wood and cream quilted leather — very posh.

The poshness continues at Luxe Objects (6464 Avondale Drive; 608-0333), where there are a ton of lovely rugs, accent pillows and throws from which to choose. I particularly loved one fabulous dresser done in a very classic, chic style but completely mirrored — you have to see it. And be sure to check out the lighting, which includes chandeliers for the massive bedrooms to lamps, like a pair of table lamps that are simply gold stands with a single, hanging oversized “light bulb.”

Luxe Objects is planning to start carrying bedding in September, so be sure to check back.

I absolutely love the bedroom-ready decor and accent pillows spread through the two-story house (plus annex) of Mockingbird Manor (4417 N. Western; 521-1212), but it’s the furniture that had me most tempted.

Check out a pair of dramatic club chairs upholstered in black and white velvet damask or a three-drawer dresser painted a very pretty gray-blue with cream accents and brass pulls. I also loved the vintage vanity table complete with a lift-top mirror.

Over in the annex, I seriously had a hard time resisting the flock of owl tchotchkes (owl bookends!), but everyone should check out a pair of amazing lamps with bases shaped like horse heads. They sound so kitsch, but the base and drum lampshade are all a crisp, modern white, which keeps them from being too cutesy.

Photo by Lindsey Cooper

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