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Beelzebub hubbub



Remember that Satanist group that caused all that hubbub a few weeks ago? Well, they're back.

This time, however, it isn't some crazy new ritual that's causing headlines but internal strife. According to a article, the Church of the IV Majesties is no more. But don't worry, they shed a little weight and have reformed under a new, more sinister name: The Church of the IV Crown Princes. And no, those crown princes don't include William and Harry, but Lucifer, Satan, Belial and Leviathan, four bad demons from different religions.

So here's what reportedly went down in Satan town: According to Church of the IV Majesties co-founder James Hale, the other co-founder (who was also the webmaster) was kicked out after it came to light that he was a registered sex offender. That expelled co-founder posted online that the church was dissolved and tried to cancel the group's Oct. 21 Satanic exorcism at the Civic Center Music Hall.

But don't nix your order on black robes and devil masks just yet! Hale said the event is still on the books. He told that he's worked it all out with the Civic Center folks so the blasphemy ritual parodying the Catholic practice of exorcism can still take place.

Phew! Crisis averted. Here's hoping the new group can keep it together until the big night.

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