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Beer Pong drinking game sends party into overdrive



Blending alcohol with people's enduring competitive spirit is nothing new. Plato mentioned a drinking game in his philosophical dialogue "Symposium," and there were ancient Chinese riddle and dice games that involved imbibing. Basically, anytime you combine a bunch of guys and a bunch of alcohol, a game is an inevitable outcome, even if just to see who could drink the most.


The compulsory warning: Precautions need to be taken by anyone hosting a party with drinking games. For example, all participants should surrender their keys; any nice furniture should probably be coated with several layers of plastic wrap; and plan on having passed-out partygoers scattered around the house like the final scene in "Platoon."

This is not healthy and these games are pretty stupid. Overconsumption of alcohol can cause dependency, pregnancy, blood poisoning, coma and death. Oklahoma Gazette urges readers to drink responsibly.

There are staple drinking games like beer pong and "I never," but variations are endless, and part of the fun is creating new house rules. The following is a roundup of different types, from skill games to purely sadistic endurance tests.


Beer Pong (aka Beirut) " A drinking game so beloved in the states that a World Series of Beer Pong was developed to draw in the best competitors in the country. Official world series supplies, tables and balls are for sale at, but anyone with access to a long table can play. According to the official rules on the Web site, 10-cup triangles are placed on opposing sides. The purpose of the game is to throw balls into the other team's cups; the last team to have cups without a ping pong ball in them wins. Flip Cup " Two teams line up on opposing sides of a table. Each player has a plastic cup with a few ounces of beer in it. The first player on each team begins by drinking his beer, then placing the cup on the edge of the table so he can flip the cup upside down. When the cup successfully settles upside down, the next player on that team drinks and tries to flip his cup. The first team with all their cups upside down wins. Shotgunning " The 40-yard dash of drinking games, this game is all about speed. Shotgunning usually involves stabbing a hole in the side of a can, then placing the hole on the mouth and pulling the tab. The beer shoots out quickly. This game is not for the weak of heart "¦ or designated drivers, for that matter. Just keeping the beer from shooting back out the way it came in is part of the challenge.


Trivial Pursuit " Really, this drinking game can be played with any question-based board game. The rules are simple: Any incorrect answer equals a drink. Very often, this game is tied in with the next game on this list. Truth or Dare " This is a game best played in large group settings for a greater humiliation factor. A person must choose "truth" or "dare." If the resulting challenge is too daunting or revealing, the person may opt to drink from a beer bong, which is a funnel spout where a full can of beer is poured. The victim of the dare/truth/beer bong can then choose the next person to be challenged. I Never " Like truth or dare, this is best played in group settings as an ice breaker. Each person takes a turn saying something they have never done, like "I never vomited in a friend's bed." Those who have, drink. Gary England " This is just an offshoot of a common game that can be used with any TV show, political debate or movie where clichés and phrases are predictable and oft-repeated. Here, every player chooses a storm chaser and a county, drinking every time their choice is mentioned by the KWTV meteorologist. Other phrases and words such as "Doppler radar" and "under ground" will also inspire a shot.

For another potentially brain-damaging, drinking game, rent or buy "Cannibal! The Musical" on DVD and play along with "South Park" creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone during the commentary track. If you can, listen until the end where the cast and crew forget to discuss character development and instead consider visiting a strip club.


The Dealer " The dealer holds a deck of cards and the player must guess which card (by number) is on top. If the player guesses correctly, the dealer must drink for 10 seconds. If the player is incorrect, the dealer says "higher" or "lower," at which point the player guesses again. If correct, the dealer drinks for five seconds. If incorrect, the player drinks the amount of seconds he/she was away from the correct answer. For example, if the player guesses two, but the card was a five, he drinks for three seconds. Ring of Death " Not just a clever name, this brutal drinking game is one of the more daunting to ever be developed. Three or four concentric circles of cards are laid out. The player starts on the outer ring by choosing a card and guessing whether it is red or black. If incorrect, the player drinks (moderate sips) the amount on the card. All face cards are worth 10 drinks. The second ring, the amount of drinks for an incorrect guess doubles. The innermost ring, the amount triples. If there is a fourth ring, the amount quadruples.

A final warning: Oklahoma Gazette cannot be held liable for any damages incurred to persons, clothing, furniture, carpet, brain cells or friendships by any games mentioned in this story. "Charles Martin

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