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The rotation program includes residents and businesses and remains in effect until further notice.

Addresses with numbers ending in even numbers may water yards on even-numbered days, while residents with addresses ending in odd numbers may water on odd-numbered days.

City officials previously had asked citizens to undertake voluntary conservation measures to prevent water pressure from dropping, which is likely on high-use days in the city’s outer edges.

The extreme demand for water lowers pressure for some residents and businesses, and while some residents are using a lot of water on yards, others may have barely enough pressure to take a bath, a media release from the city stated.

Officials said watering yards every other day will reduce the daily demand and maintain pressure for everyone. The rotation program applies to sprinklers and sprinkler irrigation systems, while hand-watering potted plants, flower beds, gardens and trees is allowed.

In addition, other cities that use OKC’s water are required to comply with the outdoor restriction, according to the release.

The city encourages residents and businesses to follow these practices on their watering days:

• Water between 11 p.m. and 4 a.m. when water use is lower and less water is lost to evaporation.
• Let the Bermuda grass turn brown. It’s dormant, not dead, and it will come back.
• Concentrate watering efforts on sensitive plants, trees and shrubs. Watering the flower beds and landscaping close to the house also will water the foundation.
•  Reset sprinkler-system frequencies to water in the late evening or early morning, and for less time.

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