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Belvedere vehicle buried in Oklahoma courthouse lawn



CFN's heard of buried treasure and buried bodies. But, "¦ a buried Belvedere?


Yup, a Belvedere. As in a brand-new (kind of), gold and white, 1957 Plymouth Belvedere " you know, iconic Fifties look, with wings.


Buried in Tulsa.


In the county courthouse lawn.


Say what?


According to a recent Associated Press report and, planners of a "coming out party" for the vehicle are trying to find anyone who helped sink it in the turf almost 50 years ago. No, Bucky, not the mafia.


T-town purposefully came up with the buried-car plan in 1957 as part of a contest in which the person who most closely guessed the city's 2007 population would win the Belv this year. The guesses are inside the car, which will be unearthed as part of centennial celebrations in June, according to the AP.


Despite what must have been a memorable car-burying event (the vehicle was "buried" several times for photo ops, according to an article, "The Buried Belvedere," posted on, the Belvedere was forgotten, according to Tulsa's centennial projects chairwoman. "Files on the car can't be found and it's not clear what to expect," the AP story reported.


CFN knows what that means: If your guess is in that car, don't get your hopes up. Or if you're the descendant of someone who guessed, but is no longer with us, ditto. Although preservation was attempted (according to the Forward Look article, the car was buried in a bunker!), if moisture seeped in, the winner might end up with a rusted hunk of 1957-era junk.


"Unknown to the committee (in charge of the project) " or anyone else then " 1957 Plymouths were terribly prone to rust," the Forward Look article says. "Asked what type of maintenance was done on the time capsule, (a courthouse building operations staffer) replied, 'We just cut the grass on top of it.'"


Well, woo-hoo! Bucky thinks there might be a few Tulsans now hoping they didn't guess anywhere near 393,000. But then, $100 comes along with the win. That might cover wrecker service?


And, of course, the bobby pins, lipstick, gum and ciggies in the glove box (apparently included to give insight into the contents of a 1957 woman's purse) might still be good. Along with them, according to the Forward Look article? An unpaid parking ticket (!) and "¦ a bottle of tranquilizers.

For once, CFN just doesn't know what to say.  

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