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Bentin Review Not Too 'Precious'



Doug Bentin wrote a review of the recent film "Precious" (Semi-'Precious,' Nov. 25, 2009, Oklahoma Gazette), and I had not seen the film until recently. Apparently, Bentin has been so privileged in his years on this earth he has not experienced illiteracy, physical and emotional abuse and neglect, rape, poverty, bullying and obesity. In the last line of the review, he refers to an "us" that he is collectively a part of ... "it's a movie that makes us grateful it isn't about us."
I would like to represent the other "us," the illiterate, the abused, the neglected, the raped, the povertystricken, the bullied and the " as he wrote " morbidly obese, the ugly, and the not too bright " whether it has been in the past or now.

I am not sure that all the Gazette's readers are on Bentin's "us" side. For those of "us" on the other, well, that movie review was extremely insensitive, patronizing, and outright insulting.
Good for y'all that your lives have been so squeaky clean.

P.S.: I think Precious is pretty.
"Shannon E. Summers
Oklahoma City

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