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Beyond Sherwood Forest



none ! important; margin: 0px ! important;" width="1" border="0" height="1" />." If you thought the legend lacked dragons and monsters, this is the adaptation for you.

The Syfy-aired 2009 production stars the genial Robin Dunne (TV's "Sanctuary") as Robin Hood. Lovely Erica Durance (TV's "Smallville") is Maid Marian, and Julian Sands (TV's "24") is Malcolm, the requisite bad guy, aka the Sheriff of Nottingham. His tool of evil is a woman who turns into a winged beast, and back again, played by "Ginger Snaps" star Katharine Isabelle, who outacts everyone else.

The plot can be boiled down to a line of dialogue: "We must travel to the Dark Woods and find the keepers of the trees," sending Robin Hood and his merry men on a journey laden with CGI creatures. It's a harmless affair with better-than-expected effects. Some scenes actually benefit from the low-budget artifice, such as the nighttime trek through a bat-laden forest.

"Beyond" isn't above and beyond other versions of the Robin Hood story, but it beats many of its Syfy-premiere peers. "?Rod Lott

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