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This is one way to handle an attempted robbery: Hand the perp a Bible and tell him to find God. That's what one OKC woman did, at least.

According to a story from KOCO-TV, a man knocked on a woman's door on Carey Place asking to use her phone. The 57-year-old woman handed him a phone to use on her porch, but the would-be robber had other plans.

The woman told police the armed man pushed her into her home and slammed the door. He pulled a gun and demanded money. But the woman had something else to give him.

"God changed my life," she reportedly told the man, according to KOCO. "He can change yours."

But apparently the man had already had some dealings with the big guy. He reportedly told her he had a theology master's degree. Um, then shouldn't he already know that trying to steal from ladies is a bit of a no-no?

Anyway, the woman was undeterred and offered the man a Bible. That did the trick. The guy set down his gun, sighed and left.

Hopefully, he went straight to confession.

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