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Big ideas



The Big Ten Conference has a dozen members after the Nebraska Cornhuskers recently joined the 11-member league. The Big 12, which used to be the Big Eight (after it was the Big Seven and Big Six, mind you), officially has 10 members, although Texas A&M is trying like hell to join the Southeastern Conference. If the Aggies weren’t leaving, couldn’t the Big Ten and Big 12 just switch names?

In the “Show Me State,” Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon floated the idea of Les Tigres jumping the Big 12 ship to the Big Ten two years ago. When Mizzou didn’t get invited to any bigger balls, he rebuffed the Colorado Buffaloes and harped on the Huskers from departing the Big 12 for the PAC-10 and Big Ten, respectively. If you’re keeping score, OSU and the University of Oklahoma are rumored to be joining the Colorado’s new conference, although nothing is etched in stone.

The SEC, the only league smart enough not to include a number in its name, is waiting on the A&M Aggies to join their conference, but there’s a fly in the ointment. Baylor President Ken Starr (’member him?) wants to keep the Big 12 intact and is threatening a lawsuit (insert blue dress reference here).

CFN doesn’t know how all this will shake out, but we do know one thing: In 2009, the Big 12 was getting too big for its britches, trademarking the term “Big 14.” How’s that workin’ out for you?

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