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Big Love: The Complete First Season




HBO continues to search for the answer to that nagging question: What will the cable network do once "The Sopranos," David Chase's sprawling criminal saga, calls it quits early next year? An array of comedies and dramas are vying to be the savior and while "The Wire" and "Entourage" are leaving their marks, HBO is still seeking that cornerstone show upon which to rebuild its mighty Sunday-night empire.
The fascinating, frustrating "Big Love" is a fitfully successful bid to encompass the potent swirl of sex, violence, intrigue and illicit lifestyles so effortlessly realized by "The Sopranos" "? Bill Paxton stars as Bill Henrickson, a businessman and polygamist who has split from organized religion, taking with him three wives and several children. Over 12 episodes, creators Mark V. Olsen and Will Scheffer explore the literal and figurative nature of family, and the price paid for living outside society's expectations.
Scant supplemental material makes this set little more than a rental for the curious.

"?Preston Jones

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