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Bigfoot County



In li'l ol' Siskiyou County, Calif., Bigfoot has been sighted 913 times in the last 25 years — so states the opening crawl of this found-footage film.

Although the sought target is different, Bigfoot County copies The Blair Witch Project story template to a near T, what with sticks, tent rattling, heavy breathing at night fright, actors going by their real first names, and said actors dropping the F-bomb as if it were the word “the.” It also boasts the clever final shot, but with no scares attached. The movie will have no cultural impact, but hey, it does have goats and masking tape.

The film follows a would-be documentary filmmaker (writer/director Stephon Stewart), his dude-bro brother (Davee Youngblood) and his dude-bro brother's girlfriend (Shy Pilgreen) as they search for Sasquatch, coming across pot farmers, religious nuts and evil rednecks in the process. Ultimately, Bigfoot County is just a tease, offering more than promised. Occasionally, it's amusing, but all too often just annoying. —Rod Lott

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