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Bike racks planned for Downtown OKC



City officials are reviewing plans to affix public bicycle racks in strategic areas of downtown Oklahoma City.

Proponents of the plan presented it to the Downtown Design Review Committee at City Hall on Thursday, complete with presentation of samples of the kinds of bicycle racks proposed.

Jessica Gonzales, events director for Downtown OKC, told the committee that the types of bike racks recommended are inverted "U" racks. She presented a slideshow of recommended and non-recommended bike racks.

 "Research reveals the best bike racks," Gonzales said. "The 'Wave' rack is not recommended. Any of these racks where you just park the front tire and the rest of the bike is left to fall, these are not recommended,"  she said. "These upside-down 'U's, where you can lean your bike up against them and secure your bike in two spots on the frame, those are recommended."  

The racks will have a polyurethane coating that protects them from the elements and protects the bicycles against scratches.

About 30 racks, budgeted for $300 each and each accommodating two bicycles, are planned for several areas in the downtown districts. Also planned are "art" racks that spell "Rack Up," the name of the program.

Gonzales said the plan is based on successful examples from Denver, Colorado, Chicago and Portland, Ore.

The racks are part of an overall downtown Oklahoma City transportation plan involving bicycle lanes. "Ben Fenwick

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