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Bill to make English Oklahoma's official language goes to the Senate



SB 163, saying that it is as racist as HB 1804.

"Representative Terrill is wanting to make the lives of any immigrant here, legally or illegally, miserable," Coates said. "There is something about inflicting pain on folks who cannot defend themselves that gives him delight. It's in the language of these bills, that is intended to intimidate, to torment people who are here and cannot speak our language."

Coates noted that several groups, most notably the Cherokee Nation, are opposed to the bill.

Meanwhile, a state driver's license instructor was reprimanded recently for using Spanish while conducting driving exams, according to Oklahoma Highway Patrol Capt. Chris West.

West said that while current state policy provides for issuing the written test in Spanish, and assisting in that test, he indicated it doesn't apply to the driving portion of the exam.

"What (current state law) doesn't provide for is the driving test. What it does not provide for is for that to be provided in any language," he said.

Coates said the bill will likely pass the Senate if it comes to a vote. "? Ben Fenwick

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