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Reviewer's grade: A


Keira Leverton works in a record store and is a total bitch. She yells at and punches people she sees on the street and in her store. Leverton hates people, hates poseurs, hates life and hates her sister, whom she refers to only as "dipshit." Everything makes her mad, including herself. But what every bitch needs is a jerk to be bitchy with, and Leverton finds her jerk "? or her "fucker," actually "? in Juan Garcia, after she catches him stealing records.


Remember the days when you showed affection with playground violence? Well, our intrepid bitch really likes Garcia. Easily one of the funniest and quirkiest short comedies in a long time, "Bitch" is totally fun.


Shot in black and white with a punk-rock edge and editing style, writer/director Lilah Vandenburgh must have had a great time making this film, because watching it is a blast.


"?Joe Wertz


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