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New in town
Kabsa House, owned by Abraham Ahmed, is a casual cafe inside Sahara International Food & Deli at 3800 N. MacArthur. Manning the stoves are chefs Fatin Hadi and Alina Hassan, who are producing specialty dishes from Iraq. Skillfully cooked to emphasize Middle Eastern flavors, the dishes are already drawing regulars. Be sure to try the rice and chicken, falafel and goat meat, as well as the thoroughly traditional baklava.

To market
The OSU-Oklahoma City Farmers Market, 400 N. Portland, will host a customer appreciation day this Saturday from 10 a.m. to 1.p.m.

Door prizes that include market-fresh baskets full of food, as well as other prizes, will be held hourly.

“We want to tell our customers ‘Thank you’ for all the incredible support,” said Cheryl Camp, OSU- OKC Farmers Market manager.

Note that most vendors only accept cash or checks. For more information, call 945-3358.

Out of juice
Bean Juice, 2141 W. 15th in Edmond, has closed. It was co-owned by George Johnson III and his father, George Earl Johnson Jr. The pair’s coffee was a favorite of many. Also, Bacchus Wine & Spirits, 17216 N. May in Edmond, recently closed after holding a going-out-of-business sale.

Nice pour, Oklahoma!
Cheers! The Midwest Grape & Wine Conference chose Canadian River Winery’s 2011 Oklahoma Muscat Canelli to be served at its 27th annual Wine & Dine, which will be held Feb. 11 in St. Charles, Mo.

Located south of Norman on U.S.

Highway 77, Canadian River Winery is owned by Gene and Deb Clifton. The Muscat grapes came from nearby Twisted Vines Vineyards, which is owned by Charles and Mary Decious, Brian Costa and Bill Westbrook.

The Oklahoma Muscat Canelli was among 60 wines that had been in the competition.

Chow chat
Food and music are what Tom Nix is all about. An events specialist and the owner of Le Colibri Catering, the OKC native is involved in more than 200 weddings a year at Coles Garden, 1415 N.E. 63rd.

Growing up, your mother wanted you to be: “A musician. She wanted me to sing and play professionally.”

Your best feature: “Nearing 60, I am grateful for my hair.”

Never pass your lips: “Liver.” Favorite food: “A freshly made corn tortilla in the Capitol [Hill] district.”

Quick cooking tip: “My best appetizers have the least ingredients — bacon-wrapped asparagus.”

You’d come back as: “Myself. I love where my music and food have taken me.”

Never without: “My navy blue jacket with the brass buttons.”

Favorite movie: “Can’t wait to see ‘Beauty and the Beast’ in 3-D.”

Where do you splurge?: “At Opus.” Favorite junk food: “After being diagnosed a diabetic, I lost 30 pounds since Thanksgiving and just found that baked Cheetos have no sugar and almost no fat.”

Pets: “My cockatoo, Jordan; and Shih Tzu named Pooh, after Winnie the Pooh.”

Worst catering mishap: “Late for a high-profile customer’s catering Christmas job about four years ago, the cart holding my tiered beau monde dip went over a pebble and the dip started twirling and stuff spilled everywhere! I have never been late again, and I now carry the dips in by hand.”

When you take the kids out to eat, who gets to choose, you or the kiddos? And which local restaurants do the young ones pick? Here’s what Gazette Facebookers said.

“Our kids like S&B’s, Sauced, Irma’s, Saints, and Big Truck Tacos ... and now Tucker’s, as well.” —Dave Broyles

“My girls LOVE Wade Starr & Rod Meyer’s Deep Fork Grill and Nova, as well as Kangs & Teds ... and they usually get to choose. :-)” —Clarke Harris

“When our children were growing up, sometimes we would let them choose from a list of several restaurants (never fast food).” —Ed Ward

“When my children were young, they were given choices, and if they picked different places they had to discuss w/each other and come to a compromise! They always did... On report card day, if they did well, they got to eat dessert before dinner our servers loved the idea so much they would institute it in their own family! I miss those days so much!!!” —Deanna McDuffie

“Saturn Grill & Tao Cafe” —Tia Gonsior

“My 6 year old Grandson wants Cattlemans !” —Jaime C Sanders

—Carol Smaglinski

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