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A famous person you kind of look like: “A gal on ‘Star Trek,’ but I can’t remember her name.”

Nobody really knows: “That I can speak five languages: Farsi, Spanish, Dari, English and Arabic.”

Favorite cookbook? “All of my recipes come from my head, and I just play with them. I never look at a cookbook; I don’t own any.”

One habit that Gleen does that drives you crazy: “You don’t have enough time for that. He constantly watches sports!”

No willpower when it comes to: “That Greek soup with egg and lemon called avgolemono.”

Ideal vacation spot: “Somewhere hot by a beach.”

How do you reboot each day? “I love what I do, and I can’t wait to get back to work. I work 80 hours a week, and it’s the people that are so nice.”

Hidden talent? “I can dance. I’m pretty good.”

Nickname: “Marsha.”

Have a guilty pleasure: “Doesn’t everybody? Mine is peanut butter. I’m pretty boring, but I just discovered peanut butter two years ago.”

A movie that you adore: “‘Steel Magnolias.’”

Wildest thing that happened to you: “In La Greek, our restaurant that was in Midwest City, a car came through the restaurant and 20 people were just saying goodbye in the parking lot. It went through to next door and hit a woman in a tanning bed. She’ll never tan again!” (And just a note, nobody got hurt.)


The Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma’s Urban Harvest program has announced its new classes to kick off the spring growing season.

are looking for dedicated individuals who want to learn more about
sustainable gardening and basic composting techniques,” said Bruce
Edwards, director of the Urban Harvest program.

the plan: Urban Harvest’s Sustainable Home Gardening workshops will
center on basic gardening techniques that will give participants a
fundamental understanding of sustainable, organic gardening.

start out with the basics, but it’s the practical experience that’s
applied outside of classes that helps students advance in their
knowledge of sustainable gardening,” said Edwards.

gardening class costs $15, and space is limited to the first 25
participants. Upcoming offerings include a workshop on constructing
raised garden beds on March 19 and the basics of composting on April 9.

class is held at the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma, 3355 S. Purdue.
For more information on classes (which run through June) or to sign up,
call 604-7108 or visit


Dynasty Buffet, 3409 S. Broadway in Edmond, has closed. The site will reopen soon as another Alfredo’s Mexican Cafe.


What comfort food do you crave from local restaurants? That’s the question we asked on Oklahoma Gazette’s Facebook page. Here are your answers, verbatim:

“We had to have our Tarahumara’s!!!” —Ashley Brand

“Tokyo Sushi - I need my Wednesday sushi fix!” —Kit N Miao

“Mac and cheese from Sage!” —Robert Mills

“Pho saigon’s green curry and pho, sala thai’s pumpkin stir fry, Jamil’s cabbage rolls... basically, a lot of cravings!” —Kirstina Carson

“Pho Thai Nguyen!” —Elizabeth Potter

“PIZZA from Hideaways!!!!” —Elizabeth Soto

“spicy Jamaican Jerk at Zarate’s in Edmond. It will warm you up” —Jimmy Grant

“Pho’ Nomenal’s crab rangoon. Yum!” —Aarann Kincheloe

“I missed my lunch sushi special at Cafe de Taipei in Edmond. I have gone there for lunch at least once a week since this past summer. I get crazy when I don’t have my fire mantis and lucky salmon rolls with a strawberry black tea.” —Adam D.

“Mickey’s Country Kitchen in Newcastle has the most fabulous comfort foods. Mashed potatoes, sweet potato fries, roast that melts in your mouth and huge mugs of hot coffee. My grandsons love a special treat from their desserts once in awhile.” —Lynda Howeth

“Pepe delgados for sure” —Della Patterson

“Tomato basil soup and sour dough bread from Lottinvilles!” —Jennifer Cook Arlan —Carol Smaglinski

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